Panel Report 1

Summarize what you learned about the interaction design prototyping for OBA. What was one aspect of the project that stood out to you?

For the OBA, I actually have try to use it at the first quarter, how ever I didn’t like it. The map is hard to understand and the time is incorrect. But after listening to this lecture, I kind of understand that everything have a process. Nothing will come out perfect at the first time. But, Overall I still think the page of the OBA needs to be improve.

Summarize what you learned about the usability testing projet for Nordstrom. What was one aspect of the project that stood out to you?

The most “ah ha” moment that I got from this lecture is that when she talks about the page that most users think that the shown price is the original price and they will even get more discount out of the sale. But in fact that is already the price have been marked off. I really think that having done the usability test would help alot. Because if in the real case that custom find out it won’t be more cheaper, it might lead to a lose of the customers. You really need to think like a shopper.

Based on what you learned from these professional projects, how might you modify the work you did on your own sprints in these areas to improve them?

To be honest, I don’t really know how to improve. All I am thinking is that, I need to make the users tells their thoughts as much as possible. Because that is the only way to know how to improve the product. I want to know as much as possible to make everything better. And also at the samethime do not make the user uncomfortable.

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