User Research

I have done my first user research last week. It was like a humanity observing process. I got a signed location at Suzzallo library, which I end up observing people in the library cafe. Walking into the cafe, the left side is the registers and groceries and the right side are more like a relax area that people can sit. If people want to order coffee they will need to follow the line of register. And then I sit in the seat, observing for 30 minute of the customer behaviors. After observing I need to choose three practice that is interesting and then present them to my classmates.

inside of the Suzzallo

There is one practice that really interested me, which is a lady who walk up to the sandwiches shelf and pick up every single sandwiches then put them all back down, walked away. I am frustrated by that because I think the whole process of pick up and down seems useless and time wasting. I guess that she did that is because she can’t see the label on the sandwiches, so that she wants to see clearer. Therefore, if I am the designer of the label, I will try to make the label bigger or showing some type of picture that label veggies or turkey.

Question: How to obersve in a objective mood when you see something that is so obvious?

This question come up when I am on my process of observing a man who holds his food and drink walk into the cafe to the straight end and then walk right back out. In my mind, I directly think that he is going to find a seat and eat, However, you never know what people are thinking in their mind. It is always better to think a objective way and do not get emotion get into you.

The one thing I will definitely do next time is to focus on one to three target person to observe. This time I was not focused enough, because I am always looking at different person and recording things that happen in that specific second. Therefore, things I recorded was not interesting enough, it is more random behavior. If I am not focus enough, I won’t be able to find what people need and how should I make their life better. Overall, this is still a good experience for me, I get to practice to look at things in a more objective way.

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