MUST PASS!! GEPT high-intermediate writing test.

Here’s a serious problem I need to face right here right now. GEPT writing test is coming in less than three months from now!! And I’m soooooo not prepared!!

This is the third time I took this writing test. It’s extremely important for me to pass the test this time, or else there’s no way for me to pass it in my first year in this vacational school. And why so hurry? My older brother passed it in his first year in high school. I NEED to pass this goddamn test to prove to him that studying in “Applied Foreign Language” DO makes a difference in English-learning. I need to surpass him and I know I will.

There’s also another reason, though. If I fail this time, I’ll need to take the same test with my younger sister in my forth time. How embarrassed that’s gonna be! The thing is, she has passed ALL the GEPT test with higher scores THAN MINE!!!!!! What if she pass the high-intermediate writing test and I don’t? Oh my gosh! Can’t even think about that.

Well. Though my siblings always put a lot of pressure on me, it is them who encouraged me to improve. I need to study very hard to not be left behind. Without them, I’ll never be as diligent as I am today.

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