Things I Want vs. Things I Have

It would be great if I could have…

  1. Long sexy legs.
  2. Smooth shiny hair.
  3. Bright white skin.
  4. One billion U.S. dollar.
  5. A room of pretty clothes, shoes, ect.
  6. 72 hours a day.
  7. Skinny sexy body figure.
  8. The ability to speak 9 languages fluently.

Things I should be greatful that I have…

  1. Healthy legs that can take me anywhere I want.
  2. Hair.
  3. Healthy body.
  4. Great sight.
  5. Smart brain.
  6. Worry-free financial back-up in 10 years.
  7. The ability to think on my own.
  8. Freedom of speech.
  9. The ability to learn on my own will.
  10. Friendly environment.
  11. Great friends.
  12. The abilities to talk, walk, sing, draw, ect.
  13. Family who love me with thier soul.

I know that I have a lot more than I don’t and that I am much luckier than most people in the world. There’s a lot that I need to improve myself and my life. However, it is important to take time to thank for all the blessing while chasing my goals.

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