After The Storm

Since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 , reports of twins performing supernatural acts begin to flood the media. No pun intended. 8-year-old Jonathan and Jonah from the 9th ward turned an entire playground of MLK Elementary into a medical examiners worst nightmare. Johnathan came from a bathroom break to find his brother being wedged underneath a slide by a pack of bullies. Stories say that the twin brothers somehow paralyzed the children. Although the biopsy shows that the bullies were killed by spontaneous seizures. I have a feeling this was an act of something greater.

The stories didn’t stop there. Last week, there was a clip on the internet of twins that were using their gifts to save cattle that had been swept away in the recent flood in Sierra Leone.

How could two men rescue 18 cows from a river in the middle of a category 3 hurricane? I never thought much of these strange happenings until last June. That’s when my brother and I started to endure Exodus.

We knew we were different before our parents figured it out. We were the latest addition to the second coming. It seemed twins had always been a significant part of the second coming of Christ. All twins weren’t selected. I don’t know how we were chosen out of the billions of twins in the world, and tonight, I hate that we were.

My name is Levi. My brother and I grew up in the church. So when he found out my mom would be having twins, the name Levi has been on the top of his list. I think Sams name came from my mom. Its been two years since Katrina and he’s still a shook about what happened to mom. Its almost like I can feel the sadness radiating from him when holidays come around. But Sammys tough, Ive seen him punch a kid in the gut for picking on me when I a stuttering phase in middle school. Mama fussed a little when we got home but dad took us to the batting cages when she went to chior rehersal. He told us it was a constructive way to beat the piss out of something. He was right. Sammy has the highest batting average on our high schools baseball team thanks to him.


Levi — Sam, you hear that?

Sam —yeah. Who could be knocking on the door this late?

Levi — who ever it is, it sounds like they’re angry.

We walked in to my dads room to find him peering out of the window to see 2 armored police SUV’s blocking our Chevy in the driveway.


“Mr. Langston, this is Chief Anderson with ARC. Can we speak with you?”


ARC Intelligence was at our door. They were coming to kill my brother and me.

Calmly, my dad handed Sam a duffel bag full of pre packed clothes and a composition notebook. “Go to my room and lock the doors.” “Everything you need is in here.”

“We’re not leaving you with them out there, why are the police even here?” Sam asked.

“You know why dummy, they’re here for us” I whispered

Kneeling in front of us my dad starred point black into my eyes. I’ve never seen this look before. Since I could remember, I could always feel an energy in my dad’s eyes. Now they seemed to glow with uncertainty.

“Do you remember a few months ago when you both got sick from those shots from your school nurse? I know this is going to be a lot to wrap your mind around so listen to me closely. I did some research on the 3rd party company that administered the shots. Its a company called ARC; a research facility in Nevada that’s been testing twins with the Exodus trait. Since the storm and the rise of strange events associated with twins, they have been testing on twins to see what their connection to the all is. I recognized the symbols on the vans. You both have to go, NOW!”


“Mr. Langston, this is Chief Anderson with Arc Intelligence. Can we speak with you?”

Malcom — “Whatever the police tell you, whatever you hear on the news, remember that I love you both and I did all this for you.”

My dad slammed the door and slid the china cabinet we repurposed as an entertainment system last summer in front of the door.

It was quiet in the room. The eerie kind of quiet that’s only followed by evil. Before we could gather our first thought the room filled with vibrations from gunshots. I turned to see tears running down Sam’s face under the glow of the desk lamp. There was no way my pops survived that. We were alone in our home at 2:36 am with the world’s deadliest task force hovering over our dad’s corpse. We had to get out. I slid open the bathroom window that opened into the fire escape. It would only open halfway since I accidentally broke the window frame sneaking back inside from seeing Teanna Woodard late one night.

Levi — “I can hear them coming.”

Samuel — “So would we do? “

Levi — “I don’t know! This is my first time being chased by the government, do you remember what we did last time? “

Samuel — “No, do you?”

Levi — “When I saw you were hurt everything just went red.”

Samuel — “Well, I need you to see red again If we’re gonna get out of here.”

Levi — “Are you ready?

Samuel — “Yea . . . I am.”

The officers busted through the thin wooden door and ran to restrain us. This was our only chance. We both closed our eyes and the room started to shake. Sam and I hopped through the window, grabbed onto the fire escape and slid down the pigeon poo rail until we reached the ground.

We knew what did to those careless officers. They were dead. Samuel and I had turned them into 6-foot tall pillars of salt. We didn’t know how our abilities work but we knew that they were based on our emotions.

We had to get out of our apartment complex to safety but lived on the west side of the railroad tracks, in the hood. I figured that if we can make it to village green we can skip over to the next city and get help. This was our first time in the world alone and it was the first logical plan that played in my head. We had to try.

Two fifteen-year-old black kids running for our lives from spiritual special agents. We were running for about 6 minutes before I ran out of breath. I thought maybe I was getting light headed or the moonlight was playing tricks on me, but I knew something was wrong.

Levi — “Sam. . . are those wings on your back?”



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