Do not fall in love with a smart, introverted man
Jennifer Lowe

Could it be the same with being an introverted woman, there was this guy that fell in love with me and we had this “special relationship” I would act so nervous around him even though he was comfortable to be around me. I was still scared for something bad to happen. then one day out of the blue, we stopped talking. But I can assure you, I didn’t forget him. there was a few things that I missed, but that was it.

Or what would happen if the man and the woman in the relationship were both introverted? then what would happen, would they just stop talking to each other at the same time, or will they forget about eachother. it’s interesting.

to me it’s not just an introverted guy, it could be an extroverted woman, or extroverted man, or an introverted woman, what role would they play into the relationship?

it just matters about finding the right person.