Reaction to the Kyle Korver Trade

Kyle Korver is headed to the Utah Jazz where he played between 2007–2010. Jazz fans loved him then and have plenty of reasons to be excited for him coming back to the team now. He brings a veteran presence to the Jazz locker room. A locker room with plenty of talent but lots of youth. Especially their star player Donovan Mitchell who is only in his second year in the league.

Kyle Korver is one of the best sharp shooters this league has ever seen. Give him an inch of space and he will make you pay. Despite being 37 years old, you can expect him to help the Jazz stretch the floor and give them some much needed shooting. Something the Jazz have been so desperate of lately.

Korver has always been a no nonsense work hard kinda guy. He’s already familiar with Utah and is a great fit for this team. Some might argue that they gave up to much and that might be a little bit true but if that’s what it took to get him to Utah so be it. Alec and a couple of second round picks in my opinion, might be well worth it for the Jazz. Burks, although talented, has struggled to find his place in the rotation. He needs more minutes and they just aren’t there for him at the moment. This will be a good move for Alec as well and I expect him to do well with his new team.

Does this move make the Jazz a serious contender? No, not at all but it’s definitely a good step for this Jazz team who have had a shaky start to the 2018–2019 NBA season.