“everyone’s an author introduction”

i really appreciate this text book and how up to date it is. in my opinion, english needs to be very forward and caught up the times. being that this subject is about communication, and expression, i think we ought to communicate and express our thoughts about current events, and current ways. the idea that “everyone is an author” is quite interesting, and very true, though i’ve never thought about it. it’s so easy for us in this age to say what we want to say to the world. we don’t even have to be trained, or good at it. we are at liberty to tell the world whatever the heck we want. this is good and bad. good, because it gives people power and a voice to share what they feel must be shared. bad, because this creates a lot of idiot authors, that share things that shouldn't be shared, and give information that may not be as valid as they make it sound. this book also denotes the idea that “everyone is a student.” our world has more knowledge rushing into it than there are stars in the sky. the minute a natural disaster occurs, a new technology is created, a sickness is cured, or a new study proves something wrong, we know about immediately. we have to constantly be clicking, listening, watching, typing, googling, tweeting, and doing whatever else this society does to stay up with the rest of the world. it’s a bit exhausting if you ask me.