hmmm… What should I have for Breakfast today?

Comparing “What Food to eat” with “Career Decision”

It recently struck me that deciding which career to choose is very similar to answering the question What food would you like to eat for the rest of your life?

There are a lot of Food items that you like you also have your favorites but you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing everyday, further more you haven’t even tried everything there is in the world before you fix on this one thing to eat nor have you tried every variety of the the things you have eaten, maybe you like the particular dish as cooked by your mom, it might not taste the same when it comes to lets say mess/canteen cook. On top of all of that it also might be that you did not like one thing initially but due to some outside forces (the “Id”, the “society”) you started eating something else rather than something you wanted and have developed taste in the former but still think that you may still love eating the latter.

The analogy is what frustrates most people when it comes to deciding a career, many people keep looking for the right career (the right thing to eat) rather than trying out different options (trying different dishes) like in case of food there will be cases you try a new thing you don’t like it and you make a mental note to not eat it but in case of career/work people are more reluctant to try new things.

The bright side is people do have their bread and butter dish like in India more than 80% of household meal would comprise of roti (chapati) and sabzi (vegetable) though roti is fixed but the sabzi is different everyday, that is what it is in Careers may be you decide to become a Mathematician you don’t have to do the same thing everyday one day you could ponder about geometry/shapes, some other day bit of calculus/properties of numbers etc. you could be a poet some day wondering about nature other days may be write a satire on today’s society… Furthermore you always have the option to eat something different once in a while same it is with life along with your mainstream career you can always have a hobby which quenches your thirst or as the analogy is going fill your stomach.

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