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So you’ve dipped your toe back in the written word. Great! With all of the crap you’ve got going on right now, you probably need some story ideas for a column. Here’s one: Why the hell can’t Patrick Ewing get a head-coaching gig in the NBA? Is he just a diversity diversion? When I hear him interviewed, he sounds as knowledgeable as any other coach or coaching candidate. He’s certainly put the time in as an assistant. His playing greatness can’t be argued. The list of NBA elites praising him is long (JVG, Riles, etc.). At least give it a shot in the yet-to-be-reborn mailbag.

(As an aside, it sucks that every time his name appears as an interviewee, there are a bunch of ignorant racist trolls in the comments. It also sucks, with a few notable exceptions [Embry, Russell, Jackson, Kupchak, McHale, Bird, Marks] that tall guys can’t get GM or HC gigs. I’ll bet it’s 50 to 1, 1s and 2s to 4s and 5s. What’s up with that?)

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