Your World — Your Playlists — On Your TV

Today, your world is on your TV.

Enjoy your best friend’s travels across Nepal, your nephew’s first snowboarding experience, or be front row at your favorite concert — all in video playlists with the brand new 10app for iPhone and Apple TV.

Your playlists give you the power to watch the people and the content you care about whether you are standing in line with your mobile device or watching TV in your living room. No matter where you are, you can connect and experience life together with friends and loved ones in beautiful HD.

This holiday season, download the 10app (free in the App Store) for iPhone and AppleTV and share the awesome experiences you’ve captured this year with all your gear. The 10app records directly on your phone or also connects directly to your GoPro, DJI drone and Apple watch to share the best quality photos and videos with family and friends in seconds — wherever they are.

Explore the latest features:

Discover trending videos captured by incredible creators all over the world or create your own video and share it with friends and those you love.

Watch a video and share the ones you think your friends will love. The videos you send to your friends will show up in your friend’s playlist in the 10app.

We’ve created engineering magic! Use the 10app on your phone as the remote for your TV. Tap on the creator to open your playlists. Tap again on the videos you want to watch right now. Choosing a new playlist will update whats playing right now on your phone and on your AppleTV.

Reveal more! Use your phone to reveal exciting augmented reality content associated with videos in your playlists.

Download at — what’s in your playlist?