1. subscribing or upvoting is all your choice. one account per person only! unlimited character changes allowed. but, temporary cc’s are not allowed.

2. please, be active. inactivity for 48 hours will lead to kickouts. new comers must reach at least 75 tweets on the first day.

3. do take a note that retweeting doesn’t count, please socialize on timeline.

4. yaoi and yuri are allowed! relationships after both parties have been around for 5 days and have reached over 500 tweets. do not rush love, get to know each other truly first. limit the shipping, too. move in couples are allowed, just don’t talk only to your significant other, please do socialize.

5. keep the timeline clean, don’t mention anything inappropriate that will make others uncomfortable. this including “n*gga, f*ggot” etc.

6. please do act like your idol’s age.

7. smuts are strictly go in dms! limited ooc. if need to do so, please use brackets.

8. no cliques. make everyone feel welcomed. we aren’t here to have others feel left out!

9. username format is idol10ft. to be honest, i’m a fan of lowercases but it looks like using caps is a better option! but it’s completely up to your liking.

10. before asking for verification, please do follow everyone first! and please DO NOT make your account before we accepted your reservation.

11. don’t forget to mention base for arrival, departure, taking a hiatus or semi-hiatus, or relationships.

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