Beijing Blue-Halo Network Co., Ltd. founded by 10fund partner Qing Jiangbo. Blue-ray network has covered 200 thousand offline stores. It is the biggest national offline PC web traffic distributing channel. In 2016, it accelerates its entering into mobile and off-shore markets.

🌀The Founder:

Qing Jiangbo, is a senior management of internet products, was the person in charge of net shield and browser of 360 company and is also a serial entrepreneur.

🌀Brief Introduction:

It cecntered on mobile-phones, automobiles, computers and smart accessories of TVs to create a global brand of “smart parts”, which is fully open and working with parteners to set up a internet ecology.

🌀Project Introduction:

Building internet ecology by centring on “smart parts”. Setting up Clound system platform of Halos. Alliancing some smart accessories, including mobile-phones, automobiles, computers and TVs. Created a global brand of “smart parts”. So far, it is the biggest alliance of promoting third-party technology, and have already covered more than 200 thousands of offline 3C shops in whole country. It has formed a promotion system relying on “Halo cloud”, “Halo intellectual hardware” and “Halo alliance”. Its guests contained many internet giants, such as Baidu, 360, QQ and etc..

🌀New Product:

UProX — Instantly Expand Your Iphone’s capacity

It is a memory expansion accessory, granted by Apple Inc.

With small & unique appearance, it can also instantly expand your iphone capacity.

Features of UProX:

1.Backup your photos

2.Allow you to download massive amount of videos

3.Cross-device document transfer

4.Share and management of documents

🌀About Our Team

Over 100 high-tech talents with wide range of experiences in 360, Baidu, Meituan, Letv, etc. We are a young team filled with perseverance, passion and pursuing of dreams.

🌀Cooperative Partners:

The common choice of 3 million users and 200 thousand stores.

The common choice of 3 million users and 200 thousand stores

🌀Contact Us:

Email for Cooperation:

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