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— Choose iKuai means you opt for a bright future, perfect solutions and powerful products!

iKuai is engaged in the R&D of firmware technology, sales and internet promotion of commercial router. At present it ranked first in the domestic market of commercial router.

—About Founders

The founder, Zhao Dongfang, is a serial entrepreneur who founded the digital marketing company, RuiDeTianCheng, in 2009. Mr. Zhao only spent almost 4 years to build RuiDeTianCheng as the biggest internet platform of independent advertising in China.

CTO, Gao Feng, has 10 years of experience in development of the Linux platform. Once has been awarded as a “technical expert of ChinaUnix”. Mr. Gao compiled and published some professional books, such as Writing Secure Code, Linux- From the Application to the Kernel.

— One of the most advanced Cloud Systems

>Portal Authentication

>Data Visualization

>Smart Cloud AC

>Multi-line Routing

>One-Touch Flow Control

>Customize WeChat Certification

>DPI Technology

— Current Situation

iKuai has covered more than fifty thousand terminal devices. Its Daily Active Users reached eight million while 24 million of Montly Active Users. With numerous technological patents, the team also independently researched and developed the 7-layer DPI flow control technology, which can allow multiple terminals to be connected at the same time and achieve smart control of router traffic.

DPI Technology

— Cases in China

At the Hunan TV’s Countdown Party, there are about 18000 people on the scene

— Let iKuai foster up your networks, protect the WLAN security!

Please look forward to it.

Scan the QR-code to know more & The english-version is on the way.

TEL :+86 400–877–3227

Monday to Friday 9:00–20:30

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