Juhe Data — A leading data bank

Juhe Data — A data bank

Leading data aggregation and data liquidation platform, devoted to become the most effective data bank in China. Providing 30 categories, more than 100 kinds of fundamental data API service, and it is the biggest of fundamental data API service provider in China, invested strategically by Jingdong. Its function is similar with Google APIS, including three parts, aggregation of cellphone, website and LBS.

The founder, Zuo Lei, started a business after dropped out from Stanford University. He was a representitive of IT field of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2014.

Data Categories

  1. Life / weather / health
  2. Vehicle / Travel
  3. Financial fund
  4. Address / location
  5. Recharge / gift card
  6. Entertainment / sports / Q&A
  7. Development tool

Our Recommend Data

  • SMS API Service
  • Air Quality Index
  • Headline News

Our Developer Service

  • Wechat Solutions: committed to diversified marketing methods for accelerating the growth rate of fans.
  • API Interface Tests: developers can quickly verify the accuracy of the interface via this which effectively improved the test efficiency.
  • Data Analysis Services: devoted to build a complete Open Services Ecology for users from data usage to data analysis. It is about to open, just look forward for it!

Our Clients

Jingdong Finance, Didi Taxi, Semir, Philips, Suning, NISSAN, VOLVO, etc.

Contact Us⬇

Contact for Commercial Cooperation:

API Commercial Email: zhangxy@think-land.com

Recharge Commercial Email: guoxl@think-land.com

Tel: +86 400–882–7715