Romens — Accelerate the Internet Process of Medical Industry

>About the Enterprise

Romens is dedicated to the R&D, promotion and sales of pharmaceutical ERP. Currently, as a leading brand of domestic pharmaceutical distribution with the Cloud ERP System, Romens has coverd more than 40 thousand chain pharmacies across the country.

What’s more, Romens has a huge channel, data and Supply Chain Value. It established the strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud & Wechat Pay in May, 2016. Through their joint efforts will fasten the development of medicine distribution industry, especially pharmaceutical wholesale, chain-drugstores and the moblization of unit pharmacy.

For the past 14 years, with the advanced technical strength, abundant experience in the management of chain-drugstores and profound insight into the industry, Romens has constantly expanded their target customers, including Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Hainan Zhangzhongjing Dispensary, Sichuan Derentang and etc.

>About Founders

2 founders of Romens — Zhao Xingting and Feng Zhanglong, used to be the ERP core team members of Kingdee Medical.

Mr. Zhao is a professional coach approved by national GSP. He is also a well-known training master in pharmaceutical industry.

While Mr. Feng is now in charge of the R&D department of the company. With Mr.Feng’s mature experience and great insight, Romens becomes the industry leader of pharmaceutical cloud EPR technology.

>About Our Product Technique

Yiyao365: Internet Could Platform


Ite is a ineternet cloud platform attached to Romens, aimed at medical enterprises and costumers. It is committed to build a convenient service-collaborative platform for medical production enterprises, distributional firms and Pharmacy terminal, dedicated to provide handy service for the consumers. Consumers can quickly find information about specific medicines on Yiyao365.

— About Cloud-ERP of Romens

Why choose our EPR system?

·Lower Cost

There is no need for Enterprises to invest in hardware, software or system operation. Renting an ERP is more effective.

·Easier Access

Have access to applications and services anytime and anywhere.

·Smarter Operation

Free updates that allow you to continuously get the product’s latest.

·Safer Data

Romens worked together with Tencent cloud to provide EPR service with High-availability and high-safety.

— About Our Clients

Romens is the choice for many pharmaceutical enterprises and has more than 50 cooperative partners across the country, including Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Hainan Zhangzhongjing Dispensary, Sichuan Derentang and etc.

We are always looking forward to your participation!



TEL:+86 0532–85886309

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