So you’ve chosen to set up a business in one of the world’s top cities to live and work in. With its connections to the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, as well as its position as the bridge between the East and West markets, this is a prime location for your budding business empire. However, one of the main considerations for your company is hiring suitable employees — a crucial part in such an early stage, and perhaps you aren’t as familiar with hiring in the UAE as you’d like to be.

With this in mind, we’ve done…

The Human Resource department in any business is the glue that holds everything together — but sometimes, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) forego establishing one for themselves. This could be due to budget constraints and deprioritization in favor of expanding and growing the business. They could also feel that the team, at that point in time, is too small for an elaborate HR system, relying instead on managing HR activities informally.

If you’re currently working on an SME, issues like these are unavoidable, especially when businesses are just starting out. However, it is advisable to build an HR system as…

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to raise an entire organization of employees on their own from scratch — the modern age now allows you to outsource entire departments to skilled professionals, eliminating some of the hassles normally associated with starting a business.

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly favored option for businesses, especially among small ones and those that are just starting out. The market is adjusting to this interest as well; professional outsourcing firms have popped up, and provide a wide range of services you can tailor to your preferences.

The first benefit is you can cut down…

Job hunting today is a far cry from job hunting in the last century, or even in the last two decades. What used to rely on word-of-mouth, tedious typewriting, and the concentrated perusal of trade journals has now transferred to internet job websites, online forms, and Skype interviews. As job opportunities open up to so much more people and the job market itself evolves to accommodate new generations, the essence of job hunting changes on both ends as well.

One of the main developments that HR professionals are encouraged to take into account in talent acquisition is the importance of…

Abu Dhabi Global Market’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority is currently considering the development of a robust and risk-appropriate regulatory framework to regulate and supervise activities of virtual currency exchanges and intermediaries. The FSRA will be consulting and working with industry participants and relevant professional bodies.

Prior to this, the FSRA had already issued a Supplementary Guidance on its regulatory approach to virtual currencies and Initial Coin/Token Offerings last October 2017. It sets out that virtual currencies are treated as commodities, where the derivatives trading of virtual currencies is regulated under the FSMR while spot trading of virtual currencies is not…

Who would have thought that the small, scattered gatherings of desert bedouins on the Gulf Coast would lay the foundations of a stunning futuristic metropolis?

The UAE has grown to be internationally renowned and well-loved by both nationals and expats alike. As we approach the day dedicated to celebrating its existence, let’s take a broad look at how the Spirit of the Union has manifested in the UAE’s growth — then, and now.

Before the 1970s | The Trucial States

A long time ago, the United Arab Emirates was merely one of many Trucial States — groups of tribal confederations…

The DFSA FinTech Portal’s front page.

Today, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) launched a portal dedicated to providing general information, news, and developments on Financial Technology (FinTech).

The portal is easily accessible and pleasing to the eye with its minimalist design. The details are provided in a short and clear manner, and the regulations are also laid out. In addition to up-to-date information about the DFSA’s regulatory approach — from the launch of their Crowdfunding Regime to their Innovation Testing License and potential ways of engaging with regulators — it also shows news on other Fintech and innovation-related activities in the UAE.

This is in…

Image credit: Abu Dhabi Global Market

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) continues its mission of becoming an internationally established financial centre by proposing amendments to its capital market regime.

They have invited comments on the proposal to make various amendments to the ADGM’s regulations and FSRA rules, most notably the following:

  1. Remote Members Regime: Granting Remote Members access to ADGM-based exchanges or clearing houses. A larger pool of potential members that a Remote Member framework would allow would raise market awareness and trading interest in Recognised Bodies which are located in the ADGM. It would also permit greater market efficiency.
  2. Elimination of Duplicate Transaction Reporting…

Despite hectic end-of-the-week activities, it seems like just about everybody has set some time aside to celebrate — and Twitter is already filled with #UAEFlagDay 2017 updates!

Leading financial hubs Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) also took the time off to commemorate the date with a flag-raising ceremony:

The DIFC press release states that His Excellency Essa Kazim, the Governer of DIFC, led the celebrations that took place in the area in front of the DIFC Gate building.

“The UAE Flag Day is a very special day for us at DIFC. It…

Every 3rd of November, the UAE celebrates their Flag Day — a day dedicated to restoring the flag’s values, celebrating the country’s unity and greatness, and representing aspirations for a better future for the people of the UAE. All over the seven Emirates, decorations will be put up and people will gather for celebrations, activities, and events.

This year, however, the UAE will be celebrating it on the 2nd. While it isn’t a public holiday, it is still a special occasion to Emiratis and expats alike, and all government departments have been asked to raise the flag on 11am.


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