Learn From Failure With ‘FUN’!

Whenever we ask any person “how are you”, everybody says I’m fine! Go into the phrase and you’ll understand — well life isn’t that alright. Hidden deep in the closet, maybe a word we tend to all dread and not able to totally embrace — ‘failure’.

Failure cannot solely create a person feel lonely, but sometimes even force him/her to look out for extreme steps like suicide. This is one dark aspect of failure.

If an individual makes the failure personal and isolated, then chances are high that there’ll be the risk of such incidences.

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All that glitters isn’t gold

Inspiring stories create it to shiny magazine covers, however not every story turn out to be inspiring. Failure is embarrassing to endorse. Life is frantic and on the way with not a flash to spare for what you valued before you bought onto the fast-track of ‘Startups’. Entrepreneurs at the highest of the order absorb the bulk of the stress. These pertain to funding, manning and competition etc.

Investor Perspective

Being an entrepreneur means that you sail your own ship; if you lose management, the blame is all on you. Being an entrepreneur, one walks on a rope. Failure is disagreeable and entrepreneurial journey is incredibly lonely.

Investors recognize that not all their investments can act, there’ll be failures. Statistics say that just about fifty percent of the portfolio could go down the tube.

Continuous failure, however, can’t be celebrated. You don’t wish to back somebody who gets out on the terribly 1st ball systematically. Instead, you’d prefer to back a batter who has studied his past mistakes and draft on the front foot operating around the bowler’s weaknesses.

Does it hold true in all types of circumstances?

Individuals are getting too sure enough take their lives once depression hits them dangerous. That’s a tragic price to succeed in.

Fundraising, client acquisition, scaling and most significantly sustenance are a number of the pressures an entrepreneur has got to handle. Intelligibly, it’s sorrowful to check all that tough work goes down the drain, once a venture fails.

Into the mind of a failure

Failure isn’t forever getting to inspire you. Society doesn’t embrace failure; rather they give the impression of being down upon it as a result of the competition is, therefore, fierce.

There is a constant comparison that ends up in a complex situation. There’s lots of mental pressure for entrepreneurs and success is given prime importance. Remember, not all fortunate individuals are happy. Materialism isn’t everything. Nobody remembers a failing startup unless it had a good revival spin to that.

Entrepreneurial trauma

What a normal person experiences in thirty years, an entrepreneur experiences in almost half time in the future. For entrepreneurs, their work may be a reflection of who they’re. One is selfish regarding his or her reflection. Once things don’t flip the method you wish them to, psychologically it affects someone.

The definition of success needs to change. It is not all about the money, says professionals of SEO services Los Angeles. What kind of pressure are we — as parents, friends, and society levying really matters in the situation of depression and stress.

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