Is it possible to date more that one person at a time? How are you tell the difference between each person? How the duck did I get to this point?

I need an adult if you have been in my shoes, as a newly (about 2 yrs single parent in America) message my hotmess ass and give me tips!!! 4–6 guys went on a date with 4 of them, the other 2 haven’t asked me (yet) but still how do you separate your feelings or search your feelings for each of them? Is there a damm code or compass that points you to the right direction??? No, the right thing and the easy thing, can get confusing or diluted with anothe person/ people’s influencing or telling you who to pick. Once again the joy of online dating, you don’t get to meet one great decent guy, you have supposedly a smorgasbord of decent guys you immediately match with ( coughing is it because my okayish looks?). Either way, how did I go from looking to one guy to talking and dating 4–6 guys at a time/within the same week. Breathe with me, because I am barely. breathing and been drinking more coffee as humanly possible to make it through the day texting each guy. (Deep breathes in and out and one big shot of bourbon) I live in KY, I am currently sitting in a Denny’s slightly buzzed waiting on a friend to eat with me to discuss my hot mess but highly active networking life. I went on 3 dates, with 3 different guys within one week!!! Am I confused? Am I indifferent about dating? Is this wrong? Am I keeping my options options too open? Once again how do other women before my time did this and function as somewhat normal??? Hmm I think I need an adult help with this.

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