It’s time for a change

When I started +10 4 years ago today I didn’t have any goals or expectations in mind. I didn’t know much about game criticism or the industry, I was just a person who had some thoughts and needed a place to dump them. The first post may have looked like I at least had an idea where I was going (I had a schedule back then!) but to call it a plan would be generous. As the website grew to a modest following and people joined our team it soon became clear that not only was I completely out of my element, I also had no clear identity for the site. After my hiatus in 2014 I was delighted to find a games community that was working tirelessly to bring change and inclusion to the industry. But in this new world, where did +10 fit? I worried that I had become irrelevant and redundant. This troubled me for quite some time as I struggled to find a way to make what we did distinct enough from our friends so as not to step on any toes. Numerous people told me that we could coexist in the fight for inclusion, but for some reason something always felt off to me. I felt wrong. It would take me some time to understand why.

When Mhorgain and I began streaming on Twitch it was to help out a friend’s charity fundraiser. We ended up finding the experience (while utterly terrifying) quite a bit of fun. We’d played around before with the idea of making Let’s Play videos to critique games in a more engaging way, but it was hard to keep that up for any amount of time. Streaming on the other hand came naturally and with little additional work (at least, that’s what I thought in the beginning.) Over time as our community grew I added more and more embellishments to the show. I came to find that the production of the livestream was something I enjoyed immensely. But my absence from the +10 website, this website, the place that should have been the hub of all things +10 to Fire Resist, began to weigh on me. What was I doing? Here I was, streaming every single Sunday like clockwork, yet I hadn’t published an article in months. Now, dear reader, you probably see where this is going. But I was stubborn and that made me ignorant to the goings on of my own mind. Additionally I had a wonderful team of writers here whose works I valued very much, and I loved working with them.

But the joy of creating something. I loved that even more.

The last few months of 2016 saw me anxiously flip flopping between shutting down the website entirely, or transforming it into something else. The negativity of this industry, and frequently feeling the need to surround myself with news of it, was exhausting me. The 2016 election had worn me down and I knew I needed something more positive in my life. I wanted to be someone who could provide that for others as well. Then came the whole Pewdiepie debacle and the new direction for +10 became clear.

And so I’m beyond elated to introduce the new +10 to Fire Resist, a gaming entertainment network committed to supporting and promoting a diverse and welcoming community, featuring a mix of video and written content. Our mission is to foster a community of creators and their audiences who engage with games in unique and positive ways. We’ll be made up of video producers, podcasters, fanfiction writers, streamers, and more!

+10 will still be a space for those who are often forgotten by games. It will still be a community of people who love this medium and want to see it evolve. And it will still be critiquing games, just differently.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be providing more details and ways in which you can get involved, but you’ll need to be following us on our socials to hear about them! One week from today the site will enter maintenance mode as we prepare for the new design and layout to go with our new direction. All information related to the new direction of +10 will be going up on Medium until the site is complete.

If you liked what we did, please check out our friends over at Critical Distance, FemHype, I Need Diverse Games, and New Normative for more incredible writing!

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for being with us on this particular leg of our journey. It’s been an incredible last four years, and I can’t imagine what my life would be if I’d never found you all. I hope you are all as excited as I am for our new direction, and I can’t wait to give you more details soon!

♥ Raeyn

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