By Rebecca Smith 26 Jan, 2018

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So you want to publish a Print Magazine?

Yes I do.

Are you mad?


Who are your financial backers?

No one.

Where is your business plan?

…Hmm…I’ve got a vision board is that good enough?

You must have loads of experience?

Well no actually, unless loving words and pictures — my Twinkle subscription had me hooked at the age of 6 — counts.

What do you have then?

Friends with an equal amount of energy and enthusiasm.

Are you all mad?

It is the basis of our relationship .

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Once upon a time I dreamed of being Diana Vreeland, the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar from 1937 to 1962, when she moved to Vogue as editor in chief until 1971. Mrs Vreeland may not have been every little girl’s childhood hero: she was not considered an inspirational beauty, far from it; she was outspoken, bossy and odd. In her autobiography, she (DV) recalls that her mother named her ‘little monster’ , and she had a beautiful little sister who was ‘Mother’s Favourite’ . Her response to that…

By Rebecca Smith 14 Jan, 2018

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Tomorrow — January 15th — is officially the most depressing day of 2018. But I shall be wearing an orange dress with my gold boots on Blue Monday, and expect to be very happy.

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Even though I know that the equation used to back the theory of Blue Monday is a marketing ploy, I’ll be surrounding myself with sunny orange hues to deflect any doom and gloom, just in case. Many people will hook into the hype — and hashtags — of Blue Monday and will feel depressed; they will talk themselves into a gloomy mood regardless. As a wearingwellbeing expert, I don’t subscribe to any one colour being the answer to universal mental health problems; our clothes do have the capacity to impact on our wellbeing, but each and everyone one of us will have different ways to wear wellbeing. We need to do a bit of work on our own wardrobe choices to find the connections that spark our emotions. But there is such a thing as a placebo-effect, even with clothes; if we believe that wearing orange to work on Monday 15th will help to get us through a dull day then it will. It’s the intention that counts. When we decide that a particular garment makes us happy, and when we look in the mirror and smile, we are already setting ourselves up for a good day. The improved chances of our smiling at others on the tube, and getting smiles in return, will be beneficial to our wellbeing before we even hit our desks; the odds of a co-worker commenting on that orange skirt a further lift to our spirits. …

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There is a saying in academia “all research is me-search”. I suspect this is even truer when the researcher is a psychologist. All my life I have loved clothes. I have worked with fashion and design in some form or other since I was fifteen. I switched careers to become a therapist and am now completing a positive psychology masters. It was natural to turn to dress and fashion as a research topic.

I could chart my life’s ups and downs, the emotional highs and lows, through the clothes that I wore. From my wedding dresses (two) to the dress I wore for my brothers funeral, or the party frock I have on in the photo of my fifth birthday to the jumpsuit I wore for my fiftieth, or one of the many stripy tee-shirts I have owned in the last thirty-five years, every garment has a story to tell. Embedded in my wardrobe is the journal of my states of mind. …


Creative Coach in a Positive Fashion. Researching Dress & Happiness. @10toshine #flourishingfashion #wearingwellbeing

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