Tonight, I scan the wiki about the history of my country… particularly the Tiananmen Square Event,which is forbidden to talk in public. It truly amazes me. Not too long ago, my parent and my teacher has talk about this topic, of course, in different vision. However, this event push me to think what is ‘political correctness’ in china.

In the past, not far away from the present, just twenty years, the college students of china are still concerned about the politics compared with their indifferent attitude nowadays. they write press comment, worrying about the state’s affairs, fighting for freedom of speech and press. what they did then, primarily seems so unimaginable today really hurting me deeply. the event remind me of the silence among my classmates when it comes to policies and democracy. what a pity the situation is now! People is pursuing money and estate, regardless the impairment on their right gradually happening.

I merely want to inquire how a government that not generate from our the people bring happiness to us?

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