Two friends Howard and David are sitting on a bench during recess time in school. David like many other kids is depressed after seeing the examination results. Howard on the other hand is quite optimistic; and is trying to pass on his optimism to David; and everyone else as well.

I failed in all of them, except for one of them. But that doesn’t make me sad or anxious. Rather I find it strange; why am I the only one whose spirit is not down, like the rest of you. I don’t understand that how in this age of exposure, to everything; you guys can’t get over the idea of failure. You kids don’t realize the value of being born in this age of resources. We are really lucky I tell you, David. Don’t you find yourself empowered with the idea that probably all the standards set upon you to remember the dates, numbers and definitions of things, which has become the biggest obstacle in our race to complete these academic years, hold no purpose, since it is all very easily accessible, right there in that cell phone! We have been studying in this place for like nine years now, and have failed every alternative year. Do you realize what a waste of time it is for our lives? In three years we could have been in college, with our own independence, but we are just halfway across the race. Only if we were allowed to use our cell phones, in the examinations that we give, we would easily have sailed through a lot of the obstacles that have been coming in our way; probably all of us would score the same marks then. Probably that would solve the entire problem of this naïve bunch of students behaving like cattle herds. Technology I tell you David is everything! You guys don’t see things from a bird’s eye view; you don’t contemplate the meaning of what you do, of why you do, but only how to do. A few thoughts in that direction would make you as guilt free as me. Look at Sam, probably the happiest in the crowd today, he has been the topper of this class every year, but six years later, he wouldn’t know what is to be done for an existence, and he would lead a dull monotonous life, I tell you, just using his qualifications to make a living. I am sure we would be as happy in the future as sad as ‘you’ are today; after all ‘life is about balance’ as our most respected teacher Miss Diana says! You see that bunch of crowd on the side, the five of them, with Patrick in the middle. Let’s go sit with them. They seem as depressed as you. I could probably explain to you all, as to why I am not disheartened as you all are, depressed as you all are. I will give you people some enlightenment. I should open a ‘preaching center’ don’t you think? Post exam seasons, I would do benefit to society that way, make some money as well for our entire year’s movie ticket, what do you say? We will run a successful business you see, no more schools, no more exams, and no more results to compare. No more misery in life. We could make a living out of the ignorance of these people. I wish I could really bring some change in society and in the convictions of these people, apart from making a lot of money. But it never matters; all my criticism of everybody doesn’t change a thing about it. I guess given the present situation of things, perhaps I should think about my own self. Last week when I met you, I wanted to become a photographer, two days back I was on my way to become the next big comedian of this country! This week is about running a business, and a spiritual one. But the problem is, it all seems equally easy to be, so it makes it confusing to stick to one. I could be a doctor; I would go around the world and cure people of their illness. That would make me happy I suppose, but for how long would I continue to do that. Wouldn’t I get bored of wearing the same white coat every day, checking the same human bodies every day, trying to find the problem and fixing them, much like a mechanic, or a plumber. How silly. I should do something more dynamic, probably become a journalist. Try to see the happenings of this world from a bird’s eye view and make observations. Try to bring about change. Yes, this would probably suit me much better. After all how difficult would it be to make stories out of the tragedies of people’s lives. But what about me, writing this is not going to bring about the change I’m looking for. I need to be a leader, a leader of the masses. Something like Hitler, yes, that would make it so much easier to convince people to become like me, imagine a society where everybody shares the same convictions as me, I guess this would be perfect for me. But then how do I convince my father that I want to be Hitler. If the history teacher having studied history for all these years, cannot support Hitler, how would father being a mathematics professor ever understand my aspirations to become one. He would probably just send me to some other school thinking I am under bad company here. Also that I failed this year in the exam, some more conviction for him. But then he is not very wrong, if all the neighborhood kids can stay home for a month to make sure they pass all school exams, why can’t I do that. I probably don’t consider them necessary but that doesn’t qualify as a reason. Probably all the ideas that I stand by, that are making me feel so guilt free right now is unrealistic and quite baseless. I can’t be the first teenager in the human history to find so much wrong about this world. Probably there is something that I am missing to grasp right now. I should probably respect the experience of my father, the uncle living next door and the teacher in the school. But then having failed for all these years, in so many subjects, do I really stand a chance to achieve anything in reality; with the simplicity with which I achieve them in my head. I don’t know, probably all this information that I consume over the internet is making me feel disillusioned. I should probably feel as much guilt as all of them, or probably more, after all I failed in the maximum subjects. I just don’t understand what I could do with my life. I should probably become a writer, after all English is the only subject where I passed. At least I understand ‘words and the rules of language’ just as the world wants me to.

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