EasyCard is a must if you are in Taiwan. What first started as an electronic transport ticket system has become one of the most common mobile payments for pretty much everything throughout the island. EasyCard services range from public transports to payments for parking to convenience store purchases.

You can purchase an EasyCard at any MRT station or convenience stores such as 7–11 or FamilyMart for around NT$ 100 each. Check out the different types of EasyCards here.


First, let’s get started with the transportation services. Two of the most common usage of the EasyCard are the MRT (subway/train) and public bus fares. The EasyCard serves MRT in Taipei, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung as well as public buses in Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung, Taichung, Yilan County, Matsu and Tainan. Furthermore, TaiwanTaxi (Taiwan’s leading taxi company) also accepts EasyCard payments throughout the cities it serves in Taiwan, which makes the payment process a lot easier and more efficient for passengers. …

With international travel largely off limits, Taiwan offers ample opportunities for you to get away. Perhaps unfamiliar to the newly arrived visitor/resident to Taiwan, Taiwan’s three domestic airlines offer a number of flights to idyllic destinations. You may find it surprising that approximately 5 million passengers fly domestically each year.

Here is a quick glance of airports in Taiwan with domestic flights.

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There are three main airlines for domestic flights to choose from — Mandarin Airlines, UNI Air and Daily Air. Mandarin Airlines is the domestic airline subsidiary of China Airlines. …

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The Taiwanese government has earmarked billions in USD to jumpstart Taiwanese start-ups. The money is parked at various government agencies and at the central and local (municipalities) level.

A good way to think about these programs is to think of them as subsidies. …


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