I’m A Muslim, And I Love You
Karim Boubker

I feel so much love for all humanity right now. I’ve spent my life embarrassed to be in a white looking body, my greatest judgement. I was raised in the south in a general pool of ignorance, but saw through it the whole time, and left as soon as I found a way to travel and expose myself to other cultures.

This is an important time for humanity. We are at the crossroads and the choice is being made in the hearts of each of us.

Will we break free from our ignorance and find love and compassion for every being on this planet, human or otherwise? Or will we choose our fear and fight one another?

I choose to unite over our common interest of PROTECTING CLEAN WATER and this beautiful planet that provides life for us.

We won’t survive this transition without opening our hearts. This is a choice to be made every waking second. Peace and love to all my relations.