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If you are a student who just got Graduated from school and want to apply for a job what is the first thing that will be asked by the company you will be applying ??
“Working experience”
Indeed, you guys will say “ no one who just graduated from school has any experience”.
Maybe you will regret if it was you guys. Because in modern times, more than 3 billion people are currently looking for jobs by bringing their respective work experience.
Looking for work experience is very important even if you are a student.
There are many job oppurtunities for a student. But are you sure that such work experience is good for your future?. Job vacancies for average students are just jobs that deviate from their abilities such as waiters, cashiers, or even babysitters. Do you sure you want to write your work experience on your resume as baby-sitter?. It is impossible.
So how do you get the best work experience and according to your ability when you are still a student ??.

Simple, The best solution is BITJOB.

Bitjob is aimed at revolutionizing the way students earn their income while learning. Bitjob will give students the bridge to receive payment for the skills they have from professional bosses while honing their skills.
Bitjob platform is a smart contract that resides in the blockchain ethereum network.

bitJob will utilize a token called Student Coin (STU). All contributors will be eligible to receive STU tokens by participating in our crowdfund campaign planned for September 2017.

Pre-Sale of th Token Begins on August 2nd, 2017. Sending 1 Ether to the bitJob account will create 1,000 STU (The amount of STU to Ether might vary depending on Ether’s price)
The maximum number of STU created during the ICO is 100,000,000.

How to Work BITJOB

When users download a bitJob application they will be prompted to confirm the details and must provide the student’s ID number enrolled in Educational Organization, College or University. Unique storage addresses will be generated for them within the Ethereum network. This address will be used to transfer funds from the Service Finder to the service provider in this case the students. Service providers will be directly involved and employed by the Service Finder or hired through the bidding process.
In the bitJob platform there will be a bidding process to which service providers offer services to service seekers. If the auction process has been completed, the service provider with the best Bid will be hired by the service seeker. Before the service providers do their duty first, they will make a contract in BitJob as Escrow.

In Bitjob platform they have advantages where they have a Reputation system. Everyone who uses Bitjob platforms is entitled to judge each other. The higher a person’s reputation in Bitjob The higher their pay will be. On the contrary, a service providers with low reputation will find it hard to get a job in Bitjob.

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