Pros and Cons on Web Development

Starting off doing Web Development I thought it was really difficult. I didn’t understand what things were but I got that doing those different steps would help me make a website. During the year I got to see what it would be like to develop and follow what was going on in class. I wouldn’t say that web development is easy for me but that I can comprehend the situation if there’s something wrong with my code or what I need to do to link something like that.

The first thing that I think I like about web development is knowing that I had accomplished the task of making somewhat of a website. It’s amazing knowing with typing code that I was able to make something that can function (js joke haha). Another thing I liked was being able to understand what each thing meant in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t able to learn half of it but it’s improvement then me knowing nothing about it. For me personally, I like doing HTML the most. It may be odd but I really like learning about the divs. It interested me how things are divided and you can put divs inside of divs or on the side of divs with CSS. I do appreciate using CSS to style things but it doesn’t go my way sometimes.

I believe that Javascript is very confusing. Javascript has so much things you need to remember and if you do it wrong then it gives you confusing feedback which makes my brain go crazy. Maybe it’s just me not trying to keep going with fixing my code in js but I think it’s super duper hard. I found out that web development is hard if you can’t look at computers for a while. Having a concussion and trying to code is very difficult and having someone peer code with you is helpful. I think coding is hard when you’re used to moving around a lot and you can’t sit still for a long time. The class period is 82 minutes long and I can’t sit still as much.

Overall, I think that web development is a useful skill to have when our world is growing online. There are a lot of pros and cons to web development but it’s worth learning it. I was able to discover that I really enjoy coding and being able to create something online so that other people can see. :))

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