Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaking against discrimination of Muslims

In my view world is aware of atrocity on Sanatan dharma by Islam for over 2000 yrs, new idea of specific is not moral for such power headed Islamist who from Koran tech in madrassas Jihads, kafirs, etc long list including women as slaves. Both this teachings come from same koran and madrassas ruling with fatwas on vote bank to defeat democracy in all world with high population growth and OPEC funding high oil price for terror development and politics. Identifying where deception like Nehru nepotism democracy powers over 66yrs is not joke of Unknown cast Nehru but reality of Islam. Surely complex subject with Nuclear power threat from Pakistan on every day basis killing soldiers on border is fact. Worst is vedic knowledge never mention Hindu as religion but twisted by media, books, politics, forcing term Hindu, Buddha as religion? Kindly correct for the world Dharma of Sanatan.