120 West Turns One

We’re a fan of celebrations and victory dances here at 120 West, and we have a big one.

We’ve made it a year!

In birthday terms, that’s one of those monumental ones — complete with a cake smash and inviting your loved ones for a grand celebration.

But rather than telling you how many dirty diapers we changed or what our first word was — we’re celebrating much cooler shit.

We’re celebrating what makes us different — the logic and strategy it takes to develop a strategic communications plan. Our dedication to doing things and doing those things with a purpose has led us to move the needle for our clients in ways they wouldn’t see otherwise.

Elevating clients from traditional strategic communications to the extraordinary. From featured stories in national publications to capturing the cover Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

We’re celebrating our family, our little 120 West family of 6, and numerous contractors and consultants we love just like our own. We’re growing, learning and celebrating each other’s wins just like our own. (Drinks on Ira, everyone!)

We’re celebrating collaboration. It takes a team, celebrating one year wouldn’t be possible without a team — and this team we have here is one of the best the best team I’ve worked with. And I’m proud to be in the grind with them.

While we cover clients across a variety of industries such as mining, tech, hospitality, health care and education — the bottom line is that we work with people. And good things happen when you take care of people. When we’re delivering marketing solutions that actually drive results vs. merely gathering “likes” and “shares” that don’t move the needle, we’re taking care of people.

We’re celebrating the things that sometimes didn’t go right. Our “whoops” and “shoulda-coulda-woulda” moments, because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s about owning those moments and learning from them.

And those lessons learned — we’re using them to create stronger campaigns and better strategy. (What’s that joke about learning things? Two guys walk into a bar, third one ducks? Yeah, we’re dude #4 who’s parkouring the hell all over that damn bar).

Most importantly, we’re celebrating you, our clients, supporters, cheerleaders, contributors and collaborators. We’re celebrating your wins! We’re celebrating this world we’re in together. Because we all know, without you, we wouldn’t be possible.

And for that, we thank you.

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