Pink Hill Properties Helps Expand University Community

When you’re thinking of your college days, what do you imagine them to be? Do you remember the time you spent studying for a test? How hungover you were Thursday at class? School traditions on the quad? Keeping the cannon blue against a rival school?

The thing I miss most about college is the community. From the family I had from first meeting in the dorm, to my senior year. Even when I’d walk into a local restaurant proudly wearing my Nevada Blue only to hear stories about their years in college.

And yes, we still do gather bottles around Mackay for luck on finals (pour one out for conversational Spanish, aye Dios mi­o)!

Garry Hill-Thomas and Kevinn Pinkney realize that. Talk to them about their college days playing basketball for Nevada. Ask them the number of times they cruised around campus looking for something to eat. Talk with them about nights trying to find a place to live.

They’ll also tell you how little time they had to eat in between classes. How they weren’t able to just run home and take a power nap. Hill-Thomas will remember picking up all of his teammates for practice because they didn’t have a car and it was too far to walk.

Pink Hill Properties is solving these problems while but building a community. With 23 total apartments housed over three restaurants and a credit union, The Towers at Pink Hill aim to create a tight-knit community where students gather and celebrate all the little moments that make college, college.

This type of mixed-use housing is popping up all over across the country, but this is among the first in Reno, Nevada. Hill-Thomas believes this type of housing is essential to creating that community the university needs.

“I envision students, faculty and professors to all be hanging out at the cafe grabbing a cup of coffee,” Hill said. “It’s a gathering place, it’s where we can all meet up and celebrate the accomplishments of all on campus.”

The Towers at Pink Hill are across the street from the university and are the closest housing to campus — making it prime location for meeting up before the big game.

With three restaurants beneath the apartments, Pack’d Pizza, Pink Hill Parlor, and a cafe/deli where they can grab coffee, ice cream sandwich or a slice of pizza, The Towers becomes a meeting place for students. Need to find a place for a study group? Meet at the cafe below. Grab a quick sandwich before the game and talk smack together against Nevada’s rivals.

“I created Pink Hill properties to further create a university community,”  Garry Hill said. “I want people to be able to walk up and down Virginia street with a sense of pride in knowing they are in the heart of Wolf Pack country.”

The Towers is much more than just apartment complexes, they’re a student community. The luxury apartments feature independent leases for roommates, split-level layouts, and a super-close proximity to campus allowing for you to live in the heart of the university community.

Sign up for more information now. The properties are expected to open the end of August for move in, just in time for the fall semester.

For more information, you can visit

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