AoP Finished

I liked it!

Why would you ever try to make someone feel bad for making a mistake?

The Art of Possibility is a guide on how to change your framework, from judgement and measurement to possibility and generosity.

Part of it is about taking personal responsibility for making things awesome. Not blame, just responsibility. If you think someone is shrinking away from you and not communicating or showing love, then you don’t say “How could he be doing this?” or “How did I F up to make this happen?” but you do say “What can I do now to restore a connection?”. Often the solution is asking open questions and listening to the answer without jumping to conclusions or interrogating.

Another part, probably the most famous part, is about not freaking out. It’s Rule Number 6, and it says “Don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously”. If you are on fire then you need to stop drop and roll or maybe find a fire extinguisher. You don’t need to get angry at people or panic. The phrase “don’t panic” doesn’t mean that your problem is unimportant, it says that panicking won’t help. Some situations where you should remind yourself of Rule Number 6:

  • You are on a road trip and someone is taking too long in the bathroom, making everyone late for the invented deadlines.
  • You are cooking with someone else and they are not following all your exact orders.
  • You have a super important relationship issue that no one else seems to be taking seriously.

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