Graveyard Finished

Wow, favorite book so far. Neil Gaiman is really incredible.

Secretly, I’ve never read The Jungle Book. I just saw the VHS movie at home with my sister.

Describing everything that happens in a couple sentences to a friend: There’s this man Jack who mysteriously decides to murder a family. He murders the mother, the father, and the daughter, but doesn’t get the baby son. The baby escapes by randomly crawling out the door and wondering down into the graveyard. Some ghosts at the graveyard take him in and raise him and name him Nobody Owens. He grows up, gets food and schooling from ghosts, does some cool ghost things, and when he’s fifteen he beats Jack and all Jack’s friends and is finally safe. Then he leaves the graveyard to live life and the book is over.

It has one part that’s similar to Coraline. Bod beats jack by drawing him into this room with an ancient spirit that sucks him in. Coraline beats the evil mother’s hand by putting a tablecloth on a deep deep well and getting the hand to try to grab a thing on the tablecloth. Also, Bod beats another guy by getting him to walk into an actual hole in the ground. I think Neil is into traps.

This was a thriller. When I was reading Boys in the Boat, I had to work to read a chapter and felt winded afterwards. I think that’s partly because it was less exciting and partly because there was way more information to parse. When I read a chapter of The Graveyard Book, I felt exhilarated and wanted to read the next one, like binge watching a show. Surprisingly, I managed to stick to a chapter a day and finished the same day as my sister. Thrillers are really fun to read, but I think I’ll try to get a hard book next.

And when I want to take a break or burn some time, I’ll go back to Neil. Or maybe I’ll read The Martian, ooohh good options.