Week 7: Moby Dick With Mariah Beagle

Moby Dick; or The White Whale is a novel written by Herman Melville, published in 1851. It’s about this guy Ishmael who has only sailed on merchant ships before but decides to go whaling for three years. My aunt Angie bought me this great copy for $3 at a book sale at the public library on Vashon Island in Washington. It’s originally from the San Francisco public library in 1996. The text is on the spine only and not the front.

Mariah Bailey is the first guest on 121212 to not be a family member. We went to the same high school (SCHS!) freshman and sophomore year, even had arts/humanities together one semester. Now we are both freshwomen at UKY. She saw my copy of Moby Dick and decided that she wanted to read it. Her copy should arrive today, exciting!

I’ve been reading this for two and a half weeks, but now I have a partner.