Thanks a lot for your response Tejaswi
Ayush Chaturvedi

But wait now: what’s that old somebody’s saying? Don’t point a finger at someone because when you do, you’ve got three more pointing right back at you.

Even the non-religious or non-spiritual can and do fall into that ditch of lover of self and worse, lovers of their “religion” of non-religion or non-belief.

In doing so, they become very adept at pointing out the flaws and stumbles the faithful may exhibit or they will paint with an amazingly broad paint brush, saying that because some groups of people did despicable acts centuries past, believes in this day and age are hypocrites and as guilty as those in their faiths past were.

In fact they can come across as joyful and celebratory, actively seeking out these errors just so they can pour scorn and self righteous indignation on all of “those” people within the modern medias of mass communication.

Thereby become in fact the very same beasts they think they are slaying in their rants and ravings against “those groups of people”!

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