The mosaic of city smells hits my nose as I step out onto the busy street. I walk swiftly down the familiar route distracted with indecision. After a busy day with a night of no sleep, I look for the options of comfort. Today is not the day to watch my weight or care about the environmental implications of what I choose to eat. It is definitely not a day where I muster up the effort to cook or settle to eat ramen. I glance at restaurant signs and through the glass to look at the people inside as I walk by. Yet none seem to pull me, this day of indulgence creates a situation in which my decision should be treated with care. I look towards the end of the street and just like that I know what I want. My pace increases and the smile is back on my face as I walk through the familiar antique doors. The city smells behind me for now, the warmth of garlic, tomatoes and oregano fill my nose and make my heart swell. I order my favourite lamb ravioli freshly made with the house rosée cream sauce. With my precious goods cradled in my arm I happily make the rest of my way home.

Setting my treasures on the counter, I rush to take off my coat and put my backpack down. Then washing my hands, I begin boiling the pasta and almost burst in anticipation. While it boils, I crash on the sectional completely exhausted. Honestly, do I even have the right to complain. I had three weeks to write this simple lab report and my poor self control and time management got the best of me. From 11pm to 7am, I slowly worked to the finish line to what was hopefully a B lab report. Successively, I had another lab today in where I got assigned another lab report. Cheers to me. Followed by lectures, my day has been endless pain and wistfulness thinking of my bed. I turn around to face my living room, cuddling the creamy throw. The calm in the room soothes my exhaustion, with the curtains drawn and the dark mahogany floors I feel cozy. I glance at the time, and get up for my precious. In quick work, I pour the still warm sauce over the pasta and start devouring it on my sofa moaning with pleasure. Halfway through I slow down and savour the soft, hearty lamb in contrast with the fresh, creamy sauce when suddenly the door opens and in walks in my asshole boyfriend. He takes off his shoes, coat and and bag and just leaves them in the whirlwind mess that seems to always follow him and comes and flops down next to me. I evade but to my despair he steals my bowl and starts shovelling my precious pasta down.

“What the fuck Ian! Give it fucking back. I swear to god I will bite you.”

“Cmon Ri Please, I had my midterm today and im tired. Please.

I still glare at him because he does this way too often to really be geniunly sorry in any way. I glance at his sallow face and the bags under his eyes and my anger melts away. Poor Ian in his second year of med school has the worst work load I could ever imagine.

“Did you finish all your midterms yet?” I say as I comb through his matted hair.

He snuggles into me and the sofa, still eating my pasta I might add.

“Mmmm, yeah finally.”

“How did todays go?”

“I mean I fucked up, and procastinated a little too much for this but I think I’ll pull through.”

“Like always, fuck you and your smart brain” I tsk as I recall how little effort he needs to get the grades that he does. “The world is unfair.”

That brings out his grin as he gives me a short sideways glance.

“That reminds me, we have some shows to be watching and catching up on.”

I get up and as I walk into the kitchen I throw him our blanket. I quickly get myself another bowl of pasta and come back to him. He starts our show and we finally enjoy our reprieve.

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