A very special building of UTS called Dr Chau Chak Wing Building and it was designed by Frank Gehry who is one of the most famous architect around the world. This building located in Ultimo Road and connected with an old rail line. This building looks like a sculptural art, constructing this model of building derived from his intuition that makes this production more unique. In addition, this building has 240 seats tiered auditorium, collaborative theatre, collaborative classroom and two oval classrooms. For me, this building is full of ideas and I very like those architecture with architect’s character, because all those buildings can withstand consideration no matter how long after. I was attracted by this building’s structure when I first time saw that, this building is not only has a unique appearance but also equipped with many equipment that is definitely a successful work. The building’s color looks very comfortable and do not make people feel sense of depressing, although it looks very compact on the outside but very wide on the inside. It seems that has a feeling of ancient architecture but it is pretty modern because of many glass windows. I was attracted by this building from color and structure, and I appreciate the designer’s talents.

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