This video has been completed by smart phone, the content of the film is the view of the street. This video was opening technique, because the technique was suitable for the video content. Opening technique include camera movement, framing of shot, camera angle, lighting and sound techniques. In this film, technique of camera movement did many panning and tracking. The scenes of film were changing along with speed of movement and there was a middle level shot that phone remain level with scene. Zooming was used to help us as the audience focus on what scenes were primary at that time. In films, zooming in can get more detail about target building. Camera angle is important for the whole film, and this film used normal angles for the whole building. In this film, all of the lighting were lightful and the colors were changed to monochromatic. Monochrome is suitable for opening films that look as if there are many stories. There was a piece of music sounds pretty lively added to this film when the film was completed. This film shows a very peaceful environment telling us home is the warmest.

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