Top 7 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

It’s probable that even before the wedding planning takes place, you have it in your mind that who will be you bridesmaid.

Now, that special lady definitely deserves a unique gift earmarking your love towards her and conveying how special she is to you. One incredible idea can be getting her name printed in your Online Christian Wedding Card with a sweet line exhibiting your thankfulness towards her. Read below to know more such ideas:

Heart Locket as a Memento

Gift your bridesmaid an alluring heart necklace with your feelings penned inside. Though the idea of heart locket has been in record since the Victorian age still it is liked by everyone even today. Each and every girl wishes to have this gift so that she can wear and preserve it always. So, delight your bridesmaids with the personalized gift of heart locket.

Personalized Carry Bag to Carry Your Memories Wherever She Goes

Your message or the bridesmaid name printed on the tote is enough to fill your bridesmaid with joviality.

Chocolates are all Time Favorite

If you are best friends or close sisters you must have had great time sharing chocolates or even stealing one! Gift her personalized bar of chocolate with some note or message written on its wrapper. She will definitely save the wrapper to keep your memories fresh and alive.

Self Made Gifts Make Others Happiest

….. because knowing that someone has time to do it all for you is itself the biggest gift. Gift your bridesmaid a decorated jar of homemade jam marking your gratitude and courtesy.

A Long Drive to Your Favorite Restaurant for Wine and Dine

When you are the to-be-bride, you are the queen, giving your time to the bridesmaids can make them feel privileged and honored. Plan a nice dinner just before your wedding day.

Personalized Bridesmaid Hanger

Girls love decorating themselves, endless number of times the cupboards is opened. Gift them a personalized hanger so that each time she opens her cupboard, her eyes gets stuck at your striking present.

Let them select their Deck Ups on their Own

This can probably be the best gift from your side. Let your girls go shopping! Give them the authority to make a choice according to their lickings and preferences.

Whichever gift you select, do not forget to include a special thank you note telling your best friend what she means to you. A hand written note along with the packed gift makes a perfect amalgamation. We wish the gift you select, brings a big smile on your bridesmaid’s face!

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