Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Peace Cave

An inside view to see out from within.

There’s a room where I go 
when I want to get out.
There’s a place down below 
where I can shout at my doubt.
In the shadows, in the light
I can find the way.
In the stillness of the night
the path is straight.
There’s a room in my head
and the words are clear.
When I got to get out
get rid of all my fear.
There’s a corner in my thoughts
where I can laugh at my self.
When I know I’ve been wrong
and I know I need help.
So, dance with me and let me
into your room.
Let me touch and feel, get real close so
we can find that space where we can share the most.
And, I’ll share with you
my darkest room and when
it’s filled with light
we’ll fly to the moon.
There’s a room where I go
when I got to get out.
It’s filled with my truth, my pain,
and all my doubt.
I love that room,
it’s where I’m so real.
It’s where I can feel
all my happy tears.

That room gives me strength to smile without any fear.