Cooking oil making machine for making cooking oil

Cooking oil making machine

Cooking oil making machine introduction:
1. Widely used to press various kind of oil materials such as sunflower seeds, baobab seeds, neem seeds, sesame, peanut, sunflower seeds,rapeseeds, mustard, castorseeds, copra kernels,palm, coconut, walnuts, soybean, cotton seeds as well as rice bran, etc.
2.It is easy to operate. When operating the cooking oil making machine, you should follow the instructions strictly.
3.The oil residual rate is less than 6.5%. The cake thickness can be adjusted as yourequested.

Cooking oil making machine

Cooking oil making machine — — Pressing Method
Pressing method was called” physical squeeze method”, it used external force to extract out the oil from oilseed without any chemical solvent, so that avoid of the residual organic solvent in the oil.Pressing technology retain cooking oil effective constituent at the greatest extent — — polyunsaturated acid and protein, dietary fiber, microelement and more other nutritional ingredient which is good for people health, and it special used to supple people health care.And pressing method also divide into “cold press” and “hot press”.

Cooking oil making machine

Cooking oil making machine — — Cold press
It means that under low temperature, adapt to physical huge presser to extract vegetable oil, without the traditional high temperature frying and cooking process, so the oil was distributed in the underformed protein cell.

Cooking oil processing machine — — Hot press
Hot press: it means that the oilseed after high temperature frying and cooking, under physical pressing to get oil, it is a traditional pressing technology, with high oil yield. Good taste, high oil yield.To increase oil yield, improve oil taste, and rich flavor.According to the customers’ requiremnts.

Cooking oil making machine — — Cold press technology introduction
Oilseeds — — — Cleaning — — — Husking — — -Crusher — — — Press with low temperature — — -Crude Oil — — — filtration
Cold pressing technological characteristics :
1. To avoid of the dangerous that was brought by oil and carbohydrate matter degradation and protein denaturation, which caused by high temperature.
2. To avoid of the deep color and verbrennen phenomenon, which caused by high temperature.
3. Passed multiple filtration, avoid in the process of hot press method of degumming, deacid and decoloring chemicals caused directly contact with a effective components and second pollution.

Cooking oil making machine — — Hot press technology introduction

Oilseeds — — Cleaning — — — Husking — — -Crusher — — -Cooker — — — Presser — — -Crude Oil — — -Coarse filtration — — — Fine filtration — — -Degumming — — Washing — — Dehydration — — -Decoloring — — — Deodorization — — — Hot pressed Flaxseed Oil

Hot press technological characteristics:
1. To increase oil yield, improve oil taste, and rich flavor.
2. Lead to high temperature oxidative polymerization easily, decomposed and produced peroxide and other harmfull substance, broken the nutritional ingredients.
3. More impurities, such as FFA, phospholipid and more, affect the oil appearance color and oil interior quality.

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