Cooking oil refinery machine

Cooking oil reifnery machine

Applied to: soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, palm oil, copra oil, rice bran oil and other vegetable oil.

Product features of crude cooking oil refinery machine:
1.It is for intermittent refining, and has all functions of large and medium-sized intermittent refining equipment, also better than the large and medium-sized refining equipment
2.Combined into whole set, provided heat source by itself, with electric control, light weight and low power consumption
3.It covers a small area, and easy to operate
4.Including: Hydration pot, deacidification pot, decoloring pot, deodorization pot.

Cooking oil refinery machine

Craft flow of cooking oil refinery machine:
Crude oil → alkali refining → washing → decolorization → deodorization → finished oil

Cooking oil refinery process machinery

Introduction of four sections in cooking oil refinery machine :1.Degumming Section: Some impurity, such as Phospholipid, gum, and protein, can be dissolved into oil when there is no water, but once there is water in oil, these impurity can be dissolved into water. So, in degumming section, we use the hot water to wash crude oil for two-three times to remove these impurity.

2.Neutralizing Section: Crude oil contains much free fatty acid, which is harmful for health. Free fatty acid can have the reaction with caustic soda, during the reaction, it can be saponified and becomes soapstock, then small soapstock pellets will sink and becomes sediment and be pumped out. After neutralizing, most of the free fatty acid will be removed out.

3.Decoloriztion Section: Most of the crude oil has deep color because of the pigments, such as carotene, xanthophyll, etc. We use bleaching earth to remove pigments, because bleaching earth has strong adsorption capacity. Then pump oil into plate filter to remove bleaching earth, then pigment also will be removed out along with bleaching earth, then oil will be clean and transparent.

4.Deodorizing Section: Pure oil has no smell, but different crude oil has their special smell because of some volatile matters, for example the oxide for ketones, aldehydes, hydrocarbons. In deodorizing section, we deliver steam into oil continuously, and make sure steam and oil can fully contacted under high temperature and pressure, then volatile matters can be removed out along with the steam.

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