Having had several years of growth, the agency I’d co-founded had come to the attention of investors. They wanted some simple facts; reasons why we were worth placing a bet on.

“So what’s your unique selling point? Why are you different, better? How can I know that you’re going to carry on doing this stuff?”

I did a quick inventory in my head of our strengths. “Erm. We’re good at hanging on to clients?”

Ok, it wasn’t exactly the strongest answer, given the circumstances.

“Come on guys,” the suitor continued. “Are you doing things differently? …

Starting off a career as a freelancer, whether you’re a copywriter, a photographer or an accountant, is not easy.

One of the most challenging parts of freelancing is finding and landing your first clients. How and where do you find them? And how do you convince them to choose you over the other hundreds or thousands of freelancers in your field?

Here’s the thing: it’s not enough to be passionate or great at what you do to have clients knocking on your door. …

There are thousands of people in the UK and around the world who are working on online side projects when they get home from work. Those extra hours in the evenings or in the weekends can help you to develop new skills, work on something you’re passionate about, and, above all, generate some extra income.

These days you can earn extra money from just about anything from selling jewellery on Etsy to writing or doing web design or consultancy work for other companies. Whatever your skills or hobbies, it has never been easier to set up an online side project.

So, you’ve registered your first domain name. Fantastic! Now you are one step closer to building your brand and promoting your skills or products and services online. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to showcase your portfolio online or a small business looking to sell more on the web, getting your site live is not as complicated or as time-consuming as you may think.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “I have a domain name, what next?” Where do you go from here? Getting your new website up and running is fairly easy, especially if you’re using tools that do all the hard work for you.

In this post, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to follow to build your site from the ground up quickly and hassle-free.

Let’s get started!

Basic concepts

Before you start thinking about building a website, you’ll need to understand a few key concepts. Don’t worry though, they’re really easy to get your head around.

What is hosting?

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard’s first real business was a magazine called The Student and the publication was to be a springboard for the brand which made him famous. He began advertising cut-price records in the magazine and soon the first company named Virgin was born. Within years, he’d open a shop on London’s Oxford Street and the profits from that enabled him to launch a record label.

What small business owners can learn:

Have an audience that’s interested in what you do makes marketing your business much easier. …

Picking a name for a new business is a weighty task — if your company is successful, the name you select will be with you for years, perhaps even decades. It may even feel like choosing the wrong name could end your chances of success before they’ve even begun. If you’re planning to take your business online, either at launch, or at some point in the future, things can get even more complicated. With many of the best domain names taken, you may not be able to turn your dream business name into a website name. This guide will help…

Anyone can start a business online, right? You come up with a brilliant idea, build your product or put together a list of products and services you want to sell, get a website up and running and voila… a great business that’s bound to succeed.

Well, if you’ve been at this for a while, you know this scenario is a rarity. In fact, most often business ideas fail within the first year.

Why? Sometimes it’s lack of money, other times it’s an inability to execute the idea. But the most common reason is that wannabe business owners skip important steps.

You want to start a small business but there’s one thing that’s holding you back. You don’t know how to position your business on the market. Should you aim for the masses or should you target a niche of consumers?

Read any business strategy book, take any one of hundreds of online courses, and they’ll all say the same thing: “Pick a niche or you won’t make it.”

But are they right? Does picking a niche give you a leg-up on other businesses in the space? …

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