The Hat Says Multitudes
Jonathan Carroll

Each dusty and unused thing, like a prop for an old play, stands ready to transport us to a new reality. Those dresses, high heels, empty journals and unplayed instruments are trophies honoring the lives we once had and are searching for again. Go ahead embrace that inner preschooler; when you could paint Rembrandt and your art deserved that eye-level refrigerator space at the Louvre. Dress up and be that perfect parent or friend every doll wants. Play that electric violin and throw away the sheet music you can’t read anyway, remember the world loved you when you beat on a bucket or that colorful xylophone you got one Christmas. Take those empty journals, break out a new box of Crayolas (the fat ones if you want to) take a great big smell and put one big beautiful letter on each page. It’s ok, tell the haters and naysayers, those meanies that made us grow up and told us we couldn’t or we weren’t good at certain things, tell them to grow up: they loved you when they were 25 years older than you. Dance the dance only you can do and someday you may just find yourself- the real you, full of passion and joy!

Thanks for sharing your article Jonathan, it really makes a person think about who we really are and all the stuff we don’t really need, or perhaps maybe we do.

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