We have exciting news! 12K has been acquired by Axel Springer hy, a Berlin-based consulting firm that helps companies to discover, drive and execute digital growth opportunities. Over the past few years, we were closely collaborating with hy and are now looking forward to fuel their incredibly smart, empathic and entrepreneurial team with our technology.

Our decision to join forces is based on two fundamental shared beliefs:

  • Data is crucial to develop winning strategies for digital growth. At hy, we will leverage our technology to decode global innovation signals such as venture capital flows and startup activities to predict where markets are heading and growth opportunities will occur.
  • Every company has to become an ecosystem company. At hy, we will build software for our clients as well as for ourselves to detect relevant startups, manage relationships and optimize ecosystem activities across divisions and countries.

Get in touch if you are looking for a partner to discover, drive and execute digital growth opportunities or software solutions to boost your ecosystem activities. We‘d love to stay in touch.

, Christoph (christoph.schwienheer@hy.co) and Jan (jan.thede@hy.co)

A software company operating at the intersection of machine learning and data science. Our specialty is to gather, structure and leverage data. // www.12k.co

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