We have exciting news! 12K has been acquired by Axel Springer hy, a Berlin-based consulting firm that helps companies to discover, drive and execute digital growth opportunities. Over the past few years, we were closely collaborating with hy and are now looking forward to fuel their incredibly smart, empathic and entrepreneurial team with our technology.

Our decision to join forces is based on two fundamental shared beliefs:

  • Data is crucial to develop winning strategies for digital growth.

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The ability to familiarize oneself with new topics quickly is a key competency for professionals in all innovation-related sectors, be it venture capital, corporate strategy or consulting. Dynamic market environments shaped by accelerating innovation cycles and blurring industry borders require us to intellectually explore new technologies, market sectors and industry ecosystems continuously. Following our original vision of “building technology that helps you stay in the know” we’re currently working on a software that helps users get familiar with new topics. Here are some first thoughts on it.

How does intellectual exploration work?

We spoke to many friends and colleagues working in the industries mentioned above to understand how they explore topics. The conversations revealed that intellectual exploration routines are very comparable even if the tools and workflows are highly individual. Most often, the process starts with superficial knowledge on single concepts of a topic — like bitcoin was a starting point for many people to explore the broader field of distributed ledger and blockchain. These concepts are the starting point for an iterative research process across sources like Wikipedia, YouTube, forum threads, expert media, scientific publications or company websites. The research process results first in a better understanding of the initial concepts and, secondly, in the discovery of further related concepts. Over time, we gradually recognize relationships and hierarchies, prioritize the concepts and finally gain a holistic understanding of the topic. On an abstract level, the intellectual exploration of a topic is an iterative process…

What analyzing tech media reveals about where the major car manufacturers stand.

Not a week passes without news on innovation initiatives of established automotive companies as well as new players taking a shot at transforming the way get from A to B. This constant stream of information makes it hard to keep an overview of where the major players stand. To provide a top level view on the innovation race and insight into the strategic orientations of the major car manufacturers, we analyzed their attention in the leading tech media sources (you can find more information on the approach in this previous blogpost).

“I believe the auto industry will change more in the next five to ten years than it has in the last 50” Mary Barra, CEO…



A software company operating at the intersection of machine learning and data science. Our specialty is to gather, structure and leverage data. // www.12k.co

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