dear customer support, where’s your personality?

Don’t worry, it’s fake.

And Target wasn’t the only victim. McDonald’s, Chipotle, Best Buy, Walmart — the list goes on. Slowly, but surely there’s been a trend of customers posing as customer support for major brands. As one would imagine, these trolls reek PR liability. Brands are probably scared, but they shouldn’t be.

There‘s a huge takeaway here.

People like personality. They crave connection. Admittedly, this isn’t ground breaking news, but somewhere along the way companies forgot. They got wrapped up in canned responses and lost sight of the power of authenticity.

A massive opportunity exists here for brands to incorporate their brand voice and tone into their customer service social media messaging. This might sound risky for social media conservatives, but an emoji after a successful resolution never hurt anyone.

Customers clearly eat it up. And if you’re waiting for them to come out and say that, you’ll be waiting forever. It’s your job to not only hear customer’s explicit wants, but watch how they navigate the digital space and meet wants they didn’t even know they had yet.

And lastly, hire the right people. Companies seem to be most lenient when hiring their customer support teams. Stop underestimating the impact they can have and how these customer service accounts alone can grow your brand even more. Hello, brand ambassadors.


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