The Twelve Days of Beer-Mas — Day 1

Red Brick Hoplanta — (3.75*)

I suppose it’s only fitting that this year’s “12 Days of Beer-mas” kicks off with me on the road, drinking a beer that’s not from my cellar. Such is life as an airline employee.

This particular beer has been with me for a few years, now. Same hotel, same hotel lobby bar. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this beer itself, other than it being an above-average hop-forward IPA, served in a venue usually reserved solely for the big macros. It’s been used to celebrate great achievements, and it’s been used to numb the pain brought on by loss (both personal and professional).

Who can say what tomorrow will bring? I’m not certain, myself. But I do know one thing: I don’t always drink beer at the Westin Atlanta Airport. But when I do, I prefer Hoplanta.


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