The Twelve Days of Beer-mas — Day Nine

Southern Tier Crème Brûlée Stout — (4.25*)

For the ninth night, we have a divisive one. It seems everyone that I’ve ever introduced to this beer has either loved it or hated it. When fresh, it is extremely sweet; cloyingly sweet. But when enjoyed in small doses, it can work extremely well as a dessert beer.

I thought that I would try aging several of these bottles to see how that sweetness changed over time, if it changed at all.

Tonight’s bottle has probably been aging for four years. It has an amazing nose: think freshly-tapped maple syrup, drizzled over warm cinnamon rolls that are coated in a brown sugar glaze.

The flavor is definitely enhanced by smooth vanilla bean, dark chocolate, and brown sugar. The finish definitely has a burnt aspect, not too far from a real crème brûlée.

This is a beer that I would definitely consider aging and having on hand for the rare occasion that you would like something truly decadent for dessert without the fuss of actually making a crème brûlée.


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