My UK Based Business Website Is Penalized, Now What I Should Do

So your website has been penalized by Google, and you are looking for answers regarding how to re-get your reputation in search results pages prior to losing contact with your target audience and existing customers & clients forever. Google penalties range from moving all your site’s pages from the main index at Google to completely removing the site URL from the results. There are two forms of Google’s penalty:

1. Manual
According to Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team, “Google initiate over 400,000 manual actions every month. This occurs due to your website’s not meeting some valuable standards established in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google team reviews or analysis of your site, and then implement manual penalties, and it often comes with a warning sent from Google directly.

2. Algorithmic
Google algorithm always changes more than 500 times every year. However, knowing the dates of these for search marketers can help explain changes in website rankings and organic traffic and finally enhance search engine optimization. These penalties are automated, resulting “major” algorithmic update by Google like Panda and Penguin. There are plenty of effective SEO practices can help you in repairing such damages done to your website by a Google penalty, ultimately regaining site’s ranking and visibility.

There are some steps that you must take to drag your website out of the darkness and back into the light. You have the potential to start your website’s improvement process and reestablish it to its correct place in the eyes of the Google through effective as well as tactically executed SEO techniques.

Make an Enhanced Visitor Experience
Making your website easier for visitors to navigate not only enhance their overall website experience but boost its appeal to search engine crawlers as well. Remember, having a positive user experience as your primary focus can help you to be stand out among the other competitors provided that you are able to satisfy all the requirements of your website visitors. To improve your site’s user experience, you need to:

• Express Your Brand’s Identity
• Invite Interaction On Your Website
• Create Easy Site Navigation
• Rove User Interaction On Your Site
• Always Keep Your Business Site Consistent
• Give Your Visitors Some Options Like To Watch Video
• Regular Update Your Site

These things create a better user experience and search engine indexing capability. You have to do SEO audit for your site with the help of an seo services london as it is a great way to optimize your site’s experience for user.

Boost Domain Authority
To create strong domain authority for your business website is the best way to remove the Google penalties that result from low-quality links or spammy links connected to your portal. Today, enhancing domain authority ha has become an extremely popular method to regain from a link-related penalty and to boost your business portal overall competitive edge. Better page authority and Links to sites with established authority are two great ways to get better your site’s domain authority.

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