And The Campaign is Over… For Now

Tyler Gunther
Dec 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Unfortunately I had forgotten to keep notes every week and upload so the chronicling of our DND campaign was all over the place. As of Last week we ended up finish the campaign in a bombastic way. Basically to summarize up what had happened over the next few sessions was that. We found out the Blood Elves wanted to kill the blood of kings. This meant that the Former king’s daughters needed to be protected. Since one of our group drew from the deck of many things and got a modest sized keep. We decided to go and clear it out. As we were setting out we were beset upon by a dragon. After several rounds of combat we ended up killing the dragon and looted its corpse. Uht had decided to drink the dragon’s blood which we later found made him a ticking time bomb if he failed a constitution saving throw. After that we reached the castle we encountered a weird magic pulse emanating at the top of the castle. So after going inside we were beset by some Minotaur and then later manticores and harpies. After clearing the enemies out we found a swirling conflux of magical energy. So whatever reason I chose to give Uht a sword of mana burn which ended up destabilizing the portal. Send half the party into the astral plane and killing Uht in the process. By sheer luck those of us in the astral plane got out before we encountered anything that would kill us. We then decided to surprise the rest of the party when we got back to Kord. Meanwhile the tournament of Kings started. After Jarvis had a duel with his step brother Lord Edmund using the Third eye claimed the kingdom needed its king and then got his head chopped off. Soon after that the dead prince was somehow resurrected. From then on the rest of the party showed up to the throne room and was confronted by the Blood Elves. My half of the party jumped in and I killed one of the heavy hitters in one shot. Shortly after that we were getting destroyed as kammul and the Blood elf leader were having a magic duel both fighting for control of Tharizdun’s power. As a last ditch effort one of our party members shattered his mind by summoning and communing with every god and goddess in the multiverse. Consequently they all got summon to the same exactly place and all that divine energy made the world explode. Leaving only a swirling mana vortex/conflux behind. This coincidentally leads into the next campaign Secrets of the Conflux. Hopefully I will be able to tell a better story and I apologize for the weird timeline for this DND campaign.

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